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We are nominated at International Competition of Sustainable innovations !! SO PROUD !!

Right now the cat is still resting but very soon the cat will be walking at the #catwalk competition which will take place today, Wednesday november 4th as of 4:30 pm.

If you want to be with us at the Catwalk event online and support the companies hereunder, you can register by email at

Good luck Marie-Jo K. CLAMY BOCCARD, Jeannette from reCIRCLE

, DEPsys SA, CORTEXIA smart. clean. sustainable.dhp technology AG, Neustark, WEPOT, Lowimpact food, AQUA4D® 💧, Green-Y Energy AG, Ticlnsect, RePack, Flocus, Alglife, Daphne Technology, RWB Groupe SA, DePoly, Swiss Climate Foundation, Hub Entrepreneuriat et Innovation UNIL.

And last but not least Thanks again to the sponsors Office fédéral de l'environnement OFEV and CleantechAlps and the jury members.


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